Acupuncture in Asheville
  • Elements of Wellness – Asheville Acupuncture – Mission Statement

    "To offer a sacred space of sanctuary where our patients can find the support they need to engage fully in their healing process, and to invoke their deepest power to heal all levels of their body, mind and heart."


    Healing the Body, Mind and Heart

    At Elements of Wellness Acupuncture Clinic in Asheville, we know that your body, mind and heart are intimately connected and that for many patients in order to heal their bodies they must also heal their emotions, minds, and hearts.


    In Chinese Medicine, we often speak of treating the root in order to heal the branch, or symptoms. Without addressing the root of illness, symptoms will simply re-occur or manifest as stronger diseases later. By simply treating the symptom, we also may miss the deeper message that our bodies are trying to give us.


    I specialize in providing care to all three levels of your well-being. I work to bring the full power of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture, as well as the best of western herbs and the latest research in nutritional support and functional medicine, to invoke your body's inner wisdom and power to heal itself.


    23A Orange Street,
    Asheville, NC 28801.
    Tel: (828) 255 8285
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    If you struggle with chronic illness, if your daily activities place great demands on you, or if you can imagine being healthier and more vital, we invite you to try acupuncture!


    New patients are eligible for a free 20 minute consultation at our Asheville clinic to discuss how acupuncture treatment can benefit their unique health needs and concerns.
Acupuncture in Asheville