Acupuncture in Asheville

Services We Offer

At Elements of Wellness, we are continually working to learn and integrate the best of Eastern, natural and cutting edge Functional medicines to better serve our patients.

Because we work in a group practice setting, each partner, Hannah and Peter, brings individualized specialties to the practice.

Collaboratively, we are able to provide you with a diverse range of services and specialties, so that we are able to treat your whole person, body, mind and heart, and work effectively even with the most complex cases.

Ultimately the services we provide each patient will be selected to custom suit your specific needs.

Here is a list of all the services we provide:

  1. Women’s Comprehensive Wellness Program
  2. Men’s Comprehensive Wellness Program
  3. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Diagnosis and Treatment
  4. Herb Consults – Chinese and Western
  5. Functional Medicine Consults
  6. Cosmetic Acupuncture – Mei Zen Style
  7. Orthopedic Care with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture with Bodywork
  8. WellBaby Program – Pediatric Care
  9. Fertility Support for Women
  10. Pre-natal Care for Women
  11. Fertility Awareness Counseling/Education
Acupuncture in Asheville